Hospital Chair urging people to get #fluShot to protect against Ebola.  What???

bigstock needle and injection in bottle 61272887 e1413991975293 Hospital Official Urges People To Get Flu Vaccine To Protect Against Ebola

I was reading a post about the flu vaccine, and saw this comment:

flu Hospital Official Urges People To Get Flu Vaccine To Protect Against Ebola

I find this SO disturbing! Most people won’t remember, or even hear, the his reason behind this advice and the rest of the statement .  We remember small sound bites. What people will remember is “flu shot protects against Ebola”… And it’s NOT TRUE!
My biggest problem with the flu shot is the false sense of security that comes with it, and I think that statement contributes to that feeling.   I’ve seen so many people on FB and Twitter who say they didn’t know the flu shot didn’t protect against colds and fevers.   And I know people who wash their hands less often and use less common sense after getting a flu shot because they think they’re protected.  The flu shot does not work like that.

The flu vaccine can ONLY protect against 3 strains of flu. Three, out of thousands.**   Whether you are PRO or ANTI vaccine, PLEASE exercise common sense and good judgement. As we get closer to Halloween and other holidays filled with sugary treats our immune systems will weaken. Bad food choices leave us more susceptible to illness.  Use these tips for getting through the season as healthy as possible.

  • Wash Hands
  • Take plenty of Vitamin C*
  • Increase your Vitamin D* for the winter
  • Kids need to be taking a multivitamin*, especially if they are around many other kids all day.
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Eat less junk food
  • Don’t touch your face when out in public, get home and wash hands first
  • Keep Toxin-Free Germ Wipes handy, especially if you have a compromised immune system.


There are many other supplements that help support the immune system, as well as many other things you can do to stay healthy.  What are some of the things you and your family do, and supplements you take to get through the season?  Post in the comments below, I’d love to add to my personal arsenal of tools!

** There are thousands of subtypes of influenza around the globe.  The FDA tries to determine which types to put into the flu shot each year, based on which are most likely to affect the US population.  It would be very risky to include all virus types in the vaccine because no one knows if the human body could handle that toxic load.  People might develop a strong immune response to a strain that is insignificant, and not have enough antibodies to work on a more likely strain to affect the US.  The flu shot gives us a tiny amount of the virus so that our bodies can develop antibodies to fight it.  The FDA’s goal is to help us build antibodies to the strains most likely to affect us.

* Disclaimer: Post contains Referral Links.  We only recommend Shaklee vitamins because of the high quality and production standards.  Shaklee vitamins are the only supplements approved for use by US Olympic Athletes because of the zero tolerance policy for impurities.  Shaklee tests each ingredient for over 300 impurities, where other high quality “pharma-grade” or USP Certified supplements only need to test for 83.  USP  (United States Pharmacopedia Certification) allows for contaminants that we do not.  Additionally, USP certification, does not guarantee efficacy, purity, or potency.   Shaklee guarantees all their products and offers a money back guarantee, even if the bottle is empty.  Don’t mess around with drug store or health food store vitamins and supplements, because the quality isn’t 100% guaranteed, and you may not be able to return them if you don’t feel any benefit!


Confession Time

by Rebecca on October 13, 2014

bigstock cereal chocolate balls as back 70369408 Confession Time

Confession Time

By Rebecca Heriz

You know you need to lose weight when:  you break down and buy your first pair of sweat pants in over 20 years… AND a men’s t-shirt for lounging around the house in something a little looser and more covering!

I rationalized that t-shirt by saying since I only have one boob now, I look more like a man anyway.  But the truth is, my spare tire has gotten so big I needed the extra width and length a men’s T provides.   That’s my confession.. breaking down and buying larger, more stretchy clothing.  I’d gained a bunch of weight after surgeries within a year of each other.  And the cancer diagnosis was so depressing it’s been hard to get motivated to do anything above and beyond what absolutely has to be done each day.   I suppose I’ve been comfort eating, a lot.
On top of purchasing stretchier clothing, I also binged on some Count Chocula on Saturday.  I NEVER eat sweetened cereal and rarely let the boys have it, so when hubby saw me with a heaping bowl of chocolatey goodness, he gave me a very funny look and asked “that for you or the boys?”  I couldn’t answer.. my mouth was too full.
Fortunately, I’ve started running some weight loss and fitness challenge groups, and I started my own challenge last Monday.  In the past I would have let looser clothing and a chocolatey binge totally derail me, and I’d just keep binging.. more sweet cereal, cookies, ice cream.. I mean, once you get off track it’s so much easier to stay off track!  But I didn’t let that happen this time, and I didn’t get stressed out about it either.   I’ve got some tools for getting back on track.

Do you struggle with sticking to a diet, weight loss or exercise plan?
Here’s some tools for you to use too.

1.  Move on.  Let it go.  Release the guilt!  You can’t change the past, but you can change the future, so stop dwelling on it and get motivated to get back on track ASAP.
2.  Eat Celery.   When we binge, it’s usually junk.  Amiright?  Celery is loaded with water and fiber, and helps flush out toxins and extra salt, and relieve bloating.
3.  Drink Tons of Water.  Hot water with lemon and a dash of cayenne is a great way to detox.  Plain water works too.  Green tea is a great option as well.  Drink up!
4.  Purge the Junk.  If there’s junk in my house, even if it’s “only for the boys”.. fugget about it!  If it’s in my house, I WILL eat it!
5.  Workout.   Committing to exercising helps me stay the course.  I hate to undo my hard work by munching on snacks.  If I exercise in the morning, I’ve set myself up for a healthier day, simply because I don’t want all my hard work wasted!
BONUS:  Plan your meals!  Being prepared means you’re less likely to hit McDonald’s or grab a bag of chips somewhere.


Watch THE PAGE for the next challenge group announcement.  It’s going to start in November to help combat Holiday weight gain.  Oh my gosh, I was at Sam’s Club today and the gigantic bags of Holiday M&Ms, salted caramels, meats n cheeses… *sigh*  I’m not ready for all that temptation!!





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