Confession Time

by Rebecca on October 13, 2014

bigstock cereal chocolate balls as back 70369408 Confession Time

Confession Time

By Rebecca Heriz

You know you need to lose weight when:  you break down and buy your first pair of sweat pants in over 20 years… AND a men’s t-shirt for lounging around the house in something a little looser and more covering!

I rationalized that t-shirt by saying since I only have one boob now, I look more like a man anyway.  But the truth is, my spare tire has gotten so big I needed the extra width and length a men’s T provides.   That’s my confession.. breaking down and buying larger, more stretchy clothing.  I’d gained a bunch of weight after surgeries within a year of each other.  And the cancer diagnosis was so depressing it’s been hard to get motivated to do anything above and beyond what absolutely has to be done each day.   I suppose I’ve been comfort eating, a lot.
On top of purchasing stretchier clothing, I also binged on some Count Chocula on Saturday.  I NEVER eat sweetened cereal and rarely let the boys have it, so when hubby saw me with a heaping bowl of chocolatey goodness, he gave me a very funny look and asked “that for you or the boys?”  I couldn’t answer.. my mouth was too full.
Fortunately, I’ve started running some weight loss and fitness challenge groups, and I started my own challenge last Monday.  In the past I would have let looser clothing and a chocolatey binge totally derail me, and I’d just keep binging.. more sweet cereal, cookies, ice cream.. I mean, once you get off track it’s so much easier to stay off track!  But I didn’t let that happen this time, and I didn’t get stressed out about it either.   I’ve got some tools for getting back on track.

Do you struggle with sticking to a diet, weight loss or exercise plan?
Here’s some tools for you to use too.

1.  Move on.  Let it go.  Release the guilt!  You can’t change the past, but you can change the future, so stop dwelling on it and get motivated to get back on track ASAP.
2.  Eat Celery.   When we binge, it’s usually junk.  Amiright?  Celery is loaded with water and fiber, and helps flush out toxins and extra salt, and relieve bloating.3.  Drink Tons of Water.  Hot water with lemon and a dash of cayenne is a great way to detox.  Plain water works too.  Green tea is a great option as well.  Drink up!
4.  Purge the Junk.  If there’s junk in my house, even if it’s “only for the boys”.. fugget about it!  If it’s in my house, I WILL eat it!
5.  Workout.   Committing to exercising helps me stay the course.  I hate to undo my hard work by munching on snacks.  If I exercise in the morning, I’ve set myself up for a healthier day, simply because I don’t want all my hard work wasted!
BONUS:  Plan your meals!  Being prepared means you’re less likely to hit McDonald’s or grab a bag of chips somewhere.


Watch THE PAGE for the next challenge group announcement.  It’s going to start in November to help combat Holiday weight gain.  Oh my gosh, I was at Sam’s Club today and the gigantic bags of Holiday M&Ms, salted caramels, meats n cheeses… *sigh*  I’m not ready for all that temptation!!





Halloween Door Wreath

by Rebecca on October 9, 2014

 Halloween Decoration Craft:  Halloween Door Wreath

IMG 9860 1024x1024 Halloween Door Wreath

 I really get into Halloween decorating!

I wanted to make a door wreath and stumbled upon this one on Pinterest:

skeletonwreath10sm Halloween Door Wreath

So off to the craft store I went, in search of the necessary items.

IMG 9564 1024x768 Halloween Door Wreath

I got a floral foam wreath, some skeletons, gold ribbon (not shown), black roses, green tulle and black tulle.  And some paper clips for attaching everything to the foam.

IMG 9580 1024x768 Halloween Door Wreath

I wrapped the foam in gold ribbon just in case, because I didn’t want the foam to show through after I added the skeleton bones.

IMG 9582 1024x768 Halloween Door Wreath

Look closely to see the paper clip attaching the ribbon to the foam wreath form.

It wasn’t quite long enough to completely cover the foam, but once I covered it in tulle you couldn’t tell at all.

IMG 9608 e1412875614365 Halloween Door Wreath

Next I wrapped almost 20 yards of black tulle around the wreath, to hide any open spots in the ribbon, and to give it nice creepy dimension.  And I tied the black roses on with the extra tulle.

IMG 9861 1024x1024 Halloween Door Wreath

I kept laying the skeleton bones on the wreath in different formations, and I ended up just loving it with only the skulls.  I used the glue gun to stick them in place.

IMG 9860 1024x1024 Halloween Door Wreath

I LOVE it!


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