Playing With Kinetic Sand

by Rebecca on September 19, 2014

Have you heard of this stuff.. Kinetic Sand?

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It’s so cool!  You can play with sand indoors and not make a crazy mess!

But what is kinetic sand, you ask?  It’s a great play activity made with 98% sand, and 2% “organic silicone based polymer” polydimethyl siloxane.

IMG 9344 768x1024 Playing With Kinetic Sand

It acts a little bit like dough.. very pliable, easy to mold, and super fun!

IMG 9345 768x1024 Playing With Kinetic Sand

Great for sensory play.. and therapeutic for adults too =)

IMG 9346 768x1024 Playing With Kinetic Sand

When we first got it out the boys played with it for 2 full hours, took a break, then went back to it!

IMG 9347 1024x768 Playing With Kinetic Sand

Now it sits out on the little table all the time because they want to play with it every day.
IMG 9348 1024x768 Playing With Kinetic Sand

I keep it covered just to keep dog hair and other debris out, but it’s not sticky so it’s easy to keep it clean.

IMG 9350 1024x768 Playing With Kinetic Sand

It’s fun to find more toys or kitchen tools to use.  A rolling pin is great, and you can make sand castles with little cups.

Papa made flags for the top of a little sand castle using tooth picks and painter’s tape.

photo1 e1411151303358 Playing With Kinetic Sand

If you get some, post pix of your creations or your little ones playing with it on the FB page.. this stuff is so fun!


A Day In The Life Of This Work At Home Mommy

by Rebecca on September 16, 2014

wahm A Day In The Life Of This Work At Home Mommy

This was my day yesterday, Sept 15, 2014

5:30 am:  Woke up, got coffee and protein shake

5:45 am:  Read news – mostly health, tech and biz related.  Create some graphics.  Schedule the day’s FB and Twitter posts.

6:45 am:  Shower

7 am:  Woke up two very sleepy little boys, helped them get ready, and start breakfast.

7:20 am:  Ate breakfast.  Usually scrambled eggs with kale or spinach.  If we don’t start the day with veggies there’s plenty of crankiness and arguing by 9.

7:45 am:  Took the 6 yr old to school.

8:15 am:  Returned home, took the dogs out back for play and potty.

8:45 am:  More coffee.  Set up the 3 yr old with some kinetic sand then plopped myself down on the couch with my laptop to check fb and email.  Replied to emails from Customers, assisted with orders, respond to questions.
Received a request for sample graphics for a possible position on a Mommy website.  *Cool, my graphics work is going to start paying off!*

10 am: Got out some wood toys that the 3 yr old had covered in crayon.  Cleaned the crayon off, took pix for a future blog post.

10:45:  Set up the toys for the little red head to play with again (let him know he’d never see those toys again if he came near them with a crayon).

11 am:  Conducted a training for new team members.  Taught Social Media Marketing.. how, what and when to post.. and how NOT to be spammy on FB.   (3 yr old was still happily playing with wood toys and kinetic sand)

12:15 pm:  Fixed lunch and ate with my 3 yr old red head.

1 pm:  Checked in on FB and email.

1:30:  Left home to run an errand for Papa.

2:40:  Picked up the 6 yr old from school then off to the playground for some fun with the boys.

4:30:  Let dogs out, homework, start dinner.

5:30:  Dinner with my little family then clean up the kitchen.

7 pm:  Mowed the lawn while Papa trimmed the cherry trees, one boy played outside and the other played a strategy game.

8 pm:  Got kids ready for bed, then did a little more work on my website.

9 pm:  Team call

10 pm:  Snuggled up, watched a little news then off to dream land.

That’s my day.  I do about 3-4 hrs of work on my business.  Some days more, some days maybe just an hour in the morning before the kids wake up.   I’m lucky, I get to incorporate some of the things I do for my house into my work.. like cleaning the wood toys will also be a blog post.  And sometimes our meals turn into recipe posts.  I’ve been able to turn my passion into a business I can run from my couch or kitchen table!   It gets a little chaotic because the kids interrupt and need things, and if I’m working on an important article the laundry doesn’t get folded.. fortunately I’m teaching the boys how to fold clothes!  It’s fun though.  I wouldn’t want it any other way!  I’m teaching the 6 yr old how to create graphics online, and giving him some basic html coding lessons.  The boys are involved in my business.  They are an active part of it, so I’m teaching them skills and a great work ethic.

If you work from home, tell us about it in the comments below!  (Folks, please be respectful, do not post business opportunities.  You’re welcome to tell us the name of your company, and even link to your website or fb page, but do recruit on my website.)

Do what you love, love what you do, follow your passion!

xo ~ Rebecca

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