Here’s What Toxin Free Living Is All About

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Hi, I’m Rebecca, the founder of Toxin Free Living & MyLittleBoobCancer.com

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • How can I find safe shampoo for my family?
  • How can I find safe makeup?
  • How can I find safe cleaning products?
  • How do I make my own safe cleaning products?
  • How can I find hidden toxic chemicals in my home?Guess what?  YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Here’s How mylittleboobcancer.com
Helps You Get Healthier And Provide A Safe Toxic Free Home For Your Family

I believe that health conscious Moms want to provide a healthy toxin free home for their families.   I’m here to help make it easy.
I’m a cancer survivor, and I lost my Dad to cancer.  When I was pregnant with baby number two I started learning about phthalates and other crazy chemicals (neurotoxins and carcinogens) in shampoo.  I didn’t want stuff in my shampoo to harm the little guy in my belly!  I changed the products in my bathroom, as well as anything I was using on my older son, who was 2 at the time.

After that I decided we should detox the cleaning kit.  I’ve been slowly transitioning us from traditional cleaning products, to safe homemade recipes and very few purchased products over the last couple of years.  Instead of digging through tons of blogs, books, and videos, I’ve compiled everything you need to know in one place, so you can benefit from all the research I’ve done!  Get the Toxin Free Cleaning Guide (it’s FREE) and you’ll get all the tricks and techniques I use to clean my house even better than traditional products!

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I love trying out new toxin free cleaning techniques, so after I test something and decide it’s great, I’ll update the guide and send you the info so you won’t miss out on anything.   Most of the toxic free ingredients are already in your house, so you can start eliminating dangerous cleaning products TODAY!

Introducing Toxin Free Living and mylittleboobcancer.com

Toxin Free Living is a growing community of health conscious people who want to eliminate hidden toxins from their homes, for safety and better overall health.  Join the conversation over on the Facebook page.

MyLittleBoobCancer.com is where you’ll get in depth information about the toxic free products and cancer prevention tips.  I often provide links to studies on pubmed.gov to show the efficacy of certain nutrients/supplements, or the dangers of some of the ingredients in cleaning products and cosmetics.
I also love to highlight some the art projects I do with my kids, and the students at our local Montessori School.  I figure Moms who are interested in a toxic free environment for their kids, are also interested in super cool projects for learning and creativity!

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About Rebecca
1236514 10151978814308319 979452 n 300x300 AboutMilitary wife, Stay at home Mommy, Cancer Survivor, MS Warrior

Rebecca is a holistic health and nutrition enthusiast and coach who works closely with her Naturopath and Oncologist  Managing her own Multiple Sclerosis holistically since 2006, she began coaching others with autoimmune disease in 2011.  She lost her Mom in 2002 to a blood clotting disorder, and her Dad in 2009 to cancer.  Health, nutrition, and toxin free living quickly became a focus as she started a family in her 40s.  The goal was to help her kids avoid cancer and other illnesses, as well as to hopefully help her live long enough to meet her grandkids.  ”The hard thing about having kids in my 40s, is the realization of how old I’ll be when they graduate high school.  My Mom never met my kids, and my Dad only met my oldest.  I want to be around to enjoy my kids when they’re grown up.  My Mom was only 65 when she died, and that really scares me.   I’ve dedicated this period in my life to researching ways to create a toxic free home environment for my kids, finding the best sources of nutrition and cancer prevention food and supplements available, and helping others who are interested to do the same.”

Rebecca noticed a lump in her left breast in 2011, shortly after baby number 2 was born.  She figured it was due to breast feeding and decided to put off getting it checked until after the baby weened.  That breast continued to be lumpier than the other, but Rebecca still figured it was from breast feeding.  Fortunately, this was around the same time that toxic chemicals were being eliminated from the house.  She had also started a new supplement regimen for Multiple Sclerosis, that happened to be beneficial for cancer too.  By the time the lump could no longer be ignored, it was 8cm wide.  The amazing thing was that the biopsy revealed it was still stage zero!  Rebecca immediately increased the doses of her supplements, increased some cancer fighting foods, and eliminated other foods.  In the two months prior to surgery to have the cancer removed, the mass decreased from 8cm to 7cm.  This experience has made Rebecca even more focused on helping people with nutrition, finding good quality supplements that are proven to help certain ailments, and removing hidden toxins from the home.  While she isn’t happy she went through it, she does acknowledge that a lot of good has actually come from it.  She is now building a business from home helping others.killingourselvesforbeauty 229x300 About
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