Is It Possible To Reverse The Effects Of Fluoride?

by Rebecca on November 24, 2014

First, let’s ask: Is Fluoride Bad?

The other day I posted on my FB page about our recent trip to the dentist.  It was the 3 yr old’s first experience in the chair.. eek!

As you can see, he was nervous when the appointment first started, but he got his confidence back quickly when the hygienist said his teeth looked great, and he was doing a good job brushing.

arthur at the dentist Is It Possible To Reverse The Effects Of Fluoride?

I posted these pics on the page, along with some tips for good oral hygiene.

“Keep sodas and even juices limited to special occasions. If crackers, pretzels and other bready snacks are allowed, try to follow with carrots or apples. Wait at least 30 min before brushing teeth.. food increases acid in the mouth and softens teeth making them more prone to damage while brushing.

My kids have never had fluoride, and don’t have any cavities (yet! knock on wood). The nearly 7 yr old hasn’t even lost any teeth. I’m told that’s a sign of super healthy gums. I’m not bragging, just trying to spread helpful tips! If your littles are having dental issues, try getting them to swish with baking soda and water, limit carbs, and stick to more alkaline foods. Dental issues are not caused by a lack of fluoride, as many dentists would have us believe, diet is usually the cause of dental issues. Lack of essential minerals, and too many carbs.”

So after I posted that, a page fan asked if fluoride is toxic.  Now, I don’t want to start freaking out about how dangerous fluoride is, and showing my irritation that it’s in our water.  I think when we get mad and yell about things like this we lose credibility, and we come across a little crazy to people who haven’t done the research.  So instead of directing her to the many many blogs and videos of people raging about fluoride, I looked up some studies on the U.S. resource of published medical studies available to the public.  There are thousands about the toxicity of fluoride.. I’m not kidding.. THOUSANDS!!  WHY DO THEY PUT IT IN OUR DRINKING WATER??  Oh right, I said I wasn’t going to do that.  Sorry.

**Studies on on fluoride toxicity**

I scanned through several of the studies to choose one to show her, that gave sort of an overview of the toxicity of fluoride, and the problems it causes.
In case you don’t already know, fluoride is the main reason little kids shouldn’t swallow toothpaste. There’s warnings on the tube. You have to call poison control if it’s swallowed.  Many of the studies clearly point out what fluoride does to us…
“well-established carcinogen”, causes “various neurodegenerative diseases”, neurotransmitters were “significantly altered after fluoride exposure”.  Below is a screen shot of one of the studies that lists some of the problems with fluoride.

Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 5.05.34 PM Is It Possible To Reverse The Effects Of Fluoride?

My point in saying my kids don’t get it, was to show that we don’t actually need it.  We can have healthy strong teeth without fluoride.  When very little kids suddenly have a lot of dental issues, dentists tend to blame the lack of fluoride (because toddler toothpaste doesn’t have it) and then they prescribe a fluoride treatment, new fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinse etc.  Many of those kids go through fluoride poisoning because they end up getting an overdose.  It’s really scary!  I’ve seen so many friends go through this with their 3 yr olds and they usually are so upset and don’t know what to do, so they go along with the dentist recommendations.. and things often get worse.

While I was doing the research for fluoride toxicity, I noticed several studies showing that Resveratrol can reverse the damaging effects.  This was exciting to me because we do have fluoridated tap water at our house.  I’ve been taking resveratrol for years, first for managing MS symptoms (there’s a lot of studies that show it promotes remyelination).  Then increased my dose when I was diagnosed with cancer (you guessed it, I found studies for resveratrol and cancer).

Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 5.07.24 PM Is It Possible To Reverse The Effects Of Fluoride?

Click HERE to view the complete list of studies on Resveratrol and Fluoride, on

Please note, I am NOT saying you should give little kids Resveratrol.  I don’t even know if anyone has studied resveratrol for kids.  The resveratrol I take is “a patented all-natural blend of the rare muscadine grape plus resveratrol, which delivers a broad spectrum of polyphenols and yields immense antioxidant power.  Helps your cells repair and protect against daily damage.  10 times more powerful than resveratrol alone in slowing a key mechanism of aging*”
It’s made for people who want to slow down aging, and fight cell damage.  It’s generally taken by people over 40, because it slows down aging, so to speak.  I take it for the cell support.  Please review the studies with your doctor if you have a Little who needs to detox from fluoride.

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