Juice Recipe: Passion Punch With Mango And Carrot

by Rebecca on February 15, 2014

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 Raw Fruit and Veggie Juice Recipe

If you follow me on Facebook, then you probably know that I just completed a juice cleanse.  WOW!  What a difficult, but totally worth it thing to do!  I feel great now and I’ve lost 8 lbs in 8 days, that’s so crazy!!  I’m not starving myself, it’s just that the cleanse helps reset your body and helps get it back into fat burning mode.  All the processed carbs we eat cause insulin surges, instead of even insulin production, and gets our metabolism out of whack.

I was able to eat as many raw veggies as I could handle, so I wasn’t hungry.  But here’s a warning, if you decide to do a cleanse, be prepared for the day 2 and 3 hump.  It’s awful!  As your body is getting over the addictions to foods we love that aren’t good for us, you’ll feel awful.  It’s a real detox, similar to getting off of pain killers, sleeping pills or other drugs, but thankfully it’s a much shorter term detox.  Once you hit day 4 you should be feeling great!  After you get over that hump, it’s easier to stick to eating clean as cravings will start to disappear.

Now that I’m done with the cleanse, AKA juice fast or detox, I’m still juicing at least once or twice a day.  That’s what my body craves now!  I can’t make it through the day without a great green juice, or beet and carrot juice.  The other day I happened to get some mangos from the store, so I thought I’d give them a try.  I made up a new recipe that I’m calling Passion Punch, because it’s light and sweet, and full of fruity tropical flavor.  It is absolutely delicious!

passion punch juice recipe Juice Recipe: Passion Punch With Mango And Carrot

1 mango – High in Vit A and C, also contains B6 and other B vitamins
2 large carrots, or 4 small carrots – Extremely high in Vit A, almost 700% of the USRDA!  Also contains Vits K and C
Handful of strawberries – High in Vit C, manganese, folate, iodine, copper and potassium
1/2 apple – I used Gala.  One a day keeps the Doctor away!
1/2″ ginger – helps flush toxins, calms an upset tummy
1/2 lime – High in Vit C, aids digestion and eases constipation

Makes about 10 oz.

Most of the recipes I use I find online.  I just search an ingredient I feel like using, then choose the one that looks best to me.  There’s really no reason to buy recipes when there’s so many free ones available.  This is the first one I made up myself, and I’m really pleased with it!  Let me know if you try it, and how you like it in the comments.. or come hang out with me at Facebook.com/toxinFreeBaby.


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