Multiple Sclerosis And Mindset

by Rebecca on August 18, 2015

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Hey friends,

Let’s talk about mindset for a minute.

With patience, persistence, and the right mindset and you can do anything you set your mind to.

Something was shared with me today, and it reminded me so much of my own health struggle, and how we just have to be determined, and we can do things we’d never think we could possibly accomplish!  It took several years, but I’m finally off all my MS meds, and I honestly don’t even remember where my cane is because I haven’t used it in years.

A video was shared with me today, that hit home and had me sobbing.  It’s such a great example of perseverance and dedication.  A reminder of how important it is to take that first step, and keep trying, no matter what your goal is.  We can accomplish anything we set our minds too, it might just take a whole lot of work.  If you’re feeling like inability or health challenges are in your way, please watch this.  It will inspire you.  It’s such a great demonstration that we can accomplish what we set our minds to.


No matter what it is, pick something, and take steps to accomplishing it every single day.   In the video above, Cynthia encourages us to take video every day to measure our progress.  Right now I’m still recovering from a shoulder injury, and trying to lose the weight I gained after battling cancer 2 years ago, so I’m doing modified exercises combined with physical therapy for my shoulder.  I’ll be uploading videos every day to a private FB group.  If you’ve got a goal you want to accomplish, and are willing to commit to the next 100 days with me, join me in this group where you’ll be able to upload videos or daily progress reports to help keep you on track.  Let’s encourage each other!

Join the group 100 Days To Amazing HERE.  You don’t have to start posting right away if you’re not ready with your goal yet.  But join, and get inspired!

If you want to know more about my struggle with Multiple Sclerosis, you can read my story HERE



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