Green veggie popsicles kids love

Green Juice Popsicles!

July 24, 2015

Summer isn’t over, so it’s not too late to make healthy popsicles!  Bust out the juicer and load it with apples, carrots and other yummy things. We ran out of the red, white and blue popsicles we made for Fourth Of July and my kids were begging for more popsicles.  They requested apple juice, so […]

Natural homemade red white and blue popsicles without food coloring or artificial flavors

Natural Red White & Blue Popsicles

July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!  To celebrate we made NATURAL RED WHITE & BLUE POPSICLES! Skip the food coloring and artificial flavors by making your own popsicles this 4th of July!   Instructions: Homemade lemonade (juice a few organic lemons and add water and organic sugar to taste) Divide lemonade in half and puree with raspberries […]

confidence, the mommy life, life after breast cancer

Walk Confidently In Your Skin

June 26, 2015

Walk Confidently In Your Skin By Rebecca Yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone.. big time.  It was the first time since the mastectomy two years ago, that I put on a bathing suit, and ventured into a pool.   It was a big step.  It wasn’t a public pool, I’m totally not ready […]

apple cider vinegar rinse hair

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Get Great Hair

May 31, 2015

Why on earth would you want to use apple cider vinegar for your hair? Apple cider vinegar controls dandruff restores shine conditions protects light colored hair from chlorine relieves itchy and irritated scalps seals the cuticle making hair smoother rinses away greasy buildup controls static detangles Also, if you’re washing your hair with a pure […]

activated charcoal holistic poison detox treatment, teeth whitening

Why You Need Activated Charcoal In Your Holistic Medicine Cabinet

May 17, 2015

What is Activated Charcoal? For centuries, charcoal has been used as an antidote because it absorbs most organic toxins.  Drugs and toxins bind to charcoal, which makes it a great tool for detoxing!  Emergency rooms and EMTs have activated charcoal for treating drug overdose and certain types of poisoning.  It is not used for treating […]