by Rebecca on October 1, 2014

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It’s “Pinktober” again, and everything under the sun seems to be wrapped in a pink ribbon.

It’s October again.  It’s such a weird time of year for me, as a Breast Cancer survivor.  Mixed feelings.  Lots of them.  I LOVE that people are raising awareness, but it seems like everything under the sun is wrapped in a pink ribbon… and most of the time it just seems like a way for companies to make money… to capitalize on a cause.  And way too often, if you read the fine print, they don’t even make a donation to any breast cancer organizations.  People buy these products, many of them loaded with cancer causing ingredients, thinking that they are doing a good thing, but really it’s just packaging with a pink coating, and that’s it.   And the biggest problem is, breast cancer rates aren’t decreasing.  Pinktober isn’t doing what it was intended to do!

I think images of brave women, who are willing to bare their scars, do more to raise awareness.  Are you more likely to do a self examination after seeing what mastectomy scars look like?  Or after gorging on a pink bucket from KFC?

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Image credit: 5 Unhealthy Foods for Breast Cancer Awareness


I feel my blood starting to boil when I see cosmetic companies that use parabens and probably phthalates doing a big push for Race For The Cure.  I feel like if a cosmetic company was truly committed to breast cancer awareness /research, they wouldn’t use ingredients linked to breast cancer!

Ok, I’m not going to rant anymore.  I just want people to be aware.  For women to do self exams and report ANY changes such as dimpling or toughening of the skin, fluid from the nipple, or lumps and bumps.  One of my friends was insistent on getting checked after she developed a dry patch on one of her breasts, kind of like alligator skin.  It was a small patch and 3 doctors told her it was “nothing to be concerned about”.  She persisted and turns out it was already stage 4 breast cancer.  Don’t delay, it can move really fast.  It’s not worth risking.  So this month, and every month, check yourself.

xo Rebecca
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