All Purpose Cleaner That Is Even Cheaper Than Vinegar

by Rebecca on September 15, 2014

Basic H vs Vinegar, Shaklee's Basic H2, cost analysis

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We Found An All Purpose Cleaner That’s Cheaper & More Effective Than Vinegar!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, or my FB page, you know I LOVE to clean with vinegar!  It’s cheap, effective, and safe.  Those are my requirements for house cleaning products.  But I found something new…ish.  Something my Mom’s used since the 70s, and the very first thing I ever cleaned a bathroom with when I was only 9 years old!  But I had no clue how versatile it was because I’d only ever used it in the bathroom.  I just decided to take another look at it, because I know it’s an organic cleaning concentrate, and I wondered if it could be better and cheaper than vinegar.

So, here’s the deal.
One bottle of Basic H2 cleaning concentrate is $12.15 and you can make 48 gallons of All Purpose Cleaner with it.   I was using vinegar prior to switching, at a 50/50 dilution with water, as my all purpose cleaner. Let’s do some math…


cost basic h vs vinegar All Purpose Cleaner That Is Even Cheaper Than Vinegar

If you’re using vinegar, one bottle of Basic H2 is going to save you almost 50 bucks!  Even with tax and shipping you’d save.. and then you’d have to factor in gas and time spent driving to the store to get vinegar, as a fair analysis.

Not to mention all the bottles that we’re keeping out of the landfill when we use Basic H2 instead.  Resources are needed to manufacture and recycle bottles too.

Let’s say you’re using Honest Co. Multi Surface Cleaner  at $5.95 per bottle.


This example is a little more complicated.  I needed to figure out the price per ounce, then multiply to find the price for 48 gallons.  You would need 48 gallons of Honest Co spray to equal the same amount of BH2 organic cleaning concentrate, because one bottle of BH2 makes 48 gallons of all purpose cleaner.

honest vs basic h All Purpose Cleaner That Is Even Cheaper Than Vinegar

Basically, if you’re using any ready-to-use multi purpose cleaning spray, you’re paying for a lot of water, and wasting a lot of money and plastic.

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So let’s talk about windows for a second, because this is an even crazier amount of savings… Basic H graphic copy All Purpose Cleaner That Is Even Cheaper Than Vinegar


You can make window cleaner for less than a penny.  Just get a reusable bottle from Shaklee or from your local hardware store.  Seriously, less than 1 cent!  That’s ridiculous!  I challenge you to find me a DIY glass cleaning recipe for less than one cent.  Rubbing alcohol costs more than that!

And you thought organic cleaning was expensive.. tee hee.

So now you’re wondering if it works.  All I can say is wow.  Seriously.  There’s so much crud coming off of our furniture that the vinegar left behind.  It was easier to clean my microwave, didn’t leave streaks on the stainless appliances (and even got all the smudgy handprints off!), and the floor looks better than ever.  I did like Honest spray, but it made me cough.  I checked the ingredients and it looks safe, but something was creating fumes that really bothered me.  I don’t have that problem with the Basic H.  Nothing against Honest Company, I think they’re a great brand, but I had to mention that because it was a noticeable benefit of the Basic H.  Vinegar has fumes, but never made me cough.  There’s no noticeable odor at all from the Basic H, so that’s another check in the Plus column.

And the best part?  It’s safe enough for the kids to use!  They have their own little bottle and they are responsible for cleaning the kitchen table *SMILE*

photo All Purpose Cleaner That Is Even Cheaper Than Vinegar

You can get your own bottle HERE
I’d be willing to bet you love it as much as I do!

“Live long and Prosper”

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