Unboxing The Get Clean Starter Kit

by Rebecca on November 6, 2014

Unboxing The Truly Toxin-Free, Natural Cleaning Products in the Get Clean Starter Kit from Shaklee

Shaklee Get Clean3 Unboxing The Get Clean Starter KitOne of my goals with helping people detox their homes, is to make sure we’re all saving money too!  I’d been telling people what a great deal (SAVINGS) the Get Clean Starter Kit from Shaklee is, but I hadn’t yet ordered one myself.  Finally, I ordered my own!  It came the other day, and I was so excited, I decided to open the box on video.  That way you could see, in real time what exactly was in there!  Sort of like you’re opening a present with me!


Here’s What I Got

getcleanstarterkit contains Unboxing The Get Clean Starter Kit

I figured I’d have a little fun and compare the cost of the contents of my box, with regular grocery store versions of the same products.  I did not compare apples to apples though.  I decided to choose more popular, lower cost products, that were the same size, for my comparison,  instead of comparing similar non-toxic or organic products, that cost considerably more.   This way, you can see the value compared to products more people are using.  If you’re spending more on cleaning products, then the kit will be an even better value for you.

  • Laundry concentrate 32 oz (compare to TIDE 32 Loads HE $15.19)
  • 35 ct Germicide Wipes (compare to Lysol Power & Free Toilet And Bath Wipes 35 ct $4.05)
  • Laundry booster/ stain remover 32 oz (compare to Clorox Oxy Magic 32oz $4.00)
  • Dish wash concentrate 16 oz (Compare to Dawn Plus Ultra Concentrate 16 oz $2)
  • Automatic Dishwasher Concentrate 32oz (Comp to Finish Dishwasher Tabs 32 count $5.49)
  • Dryer Sheets 80 count (comp Gain FreshLock Dryer Sheets 80 ct $2.99)

Cleaning accessories

  • Cleaning Caddy (comp to Sterilite Cleaning Caddy $10.99)
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths 2 cloths and a microfiber sponge (Compared to APT-MF 3 Pack Yellow ultra-soft microfiber cloths $8.95)

I saved my favorite item for last…

BasicH2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate:

This 16oz bottle makes 48 gallons of All Purpose Cleaner, or over 5,000 bottles of window cleaner!  It’s also a super degreaser.  It works so much better than vinegar and doesn’t damage surfaces over time, like vinegar does.  The main reason I was willing to try it?  It’s cheaper than cleaning with vinegar!

click here Unboxing The Get Clean Starter Kit

Let’s break down the value of 48 gallons of All Purpose Cleaner from one 16oz bottle.

48 gallons equals 6,144 oz.  That’s 192 bottles of Green Works All Purpose Spray (32oz x 192 = 6,144oz or 48 gallons).  ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY TWO BOTTLES!  At $4 each, you’d have to spend $768 to get the same amount of All Purpose Cleaner that you get in one bottle of BasicH2!

Here’s the financial value of one Get Clean Starter Kit.

The kit cost me $99, and includes a free lifetime membership (reg $20).  Becoming a Member means you’re a Customer who gets 10-15% off any future order.. FOR LIFE.

So for $99 you get the same (or better IMO) cleaning power as $821.66 worth of regular grocery store cleaning products PLUS the free membership.  What an incredible value!!

Can you see why I was SO freakin’ excited to open my Cleaning Kit Box?  WHOOP WHOOP!!


Impact On The Earth

Because everything is so concentrated, and because of the packaging used, each kit keeps 108 lbs of packaging waste out of the landfills, and prevents 248 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions.  How GREEN is that??  And the products in this kit are completely safe to have around your kids.  Completely non-toxic.

I really can’t stress the value of this kit enough.  You get so much great stuff!  I’m thrilled with it.  My Mother In Law saw everything spread all over the dining room table after I’d unboxed it, and was so impressed with how much came in the box, she ran home and ordered her own!


Who would benefit from the cleaning kit?

• Anyone who would enjoy the lack of noxious fumes when cleaning.
• Anyone who is battling cancer or who wants to avoid coming into contact with the carcinogens in common household cleaning products.
• Parents who want cleaning supplies that are safe to have around their kids.
• Anyone who has asthma or lives with someone who has asthma, who would benefit from the lack of fumes.

Get Yours Right Here…getcleanstarterkit.com  Unboxing The Get Clean Starter Kit

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