Walk Confidently In Your Skin

by Rebecca on June 26, 2015

Walk Confidently In Your Skin

By Rebecca

Yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone.. big time.  It was the first time since the mastectomy two years ago, that I put on a bathing suit, and ventured into a pool.   It was a big step.  It wasn’t a public pool, I’m totally not ready for that yet.  It was a friend’s house, and her husband was home, and earlier in the day he had friends over too.  When I put on my suit I had no clue if they were still there or not, and it just didn’t matter.. I wanted to go have fun in the pool with my kiddos!   I shifted back and forth between being close to tears and totally not giving a damn.  The tears weren’t because I was scared, or uncomfortable, but because I was appreciating the gravity of the moment, and how long it took me to get this courage!  And why was I almost not giving a damn?  Well, I just don’t want the mastectomy and my extreme lopsidedness to be that big of an issue.

I did pause to take a selfie though…11659318 1155112611181244 5817264900017652889 n Walk Confidently In Your Skin

I wanted to commemorate the moment!

When we walk confidently, in our own skin, focusing on “fun” and not “fat”, it speaks VOLUMES to other women who are full of insecurity. When I see a heavy woman, out having FUN and enjoying her family and friends, and she looks like she isn’t concerned with her muffin top, or thunder thighs… it makes me think “why the heck am I so concerned about my thighs? I should be focusing on the FUN!”

Our kids don’t give a crap how jiggly our bellies are in our swim suits. My kids dong give a crap that I’ve only got one boob and the other side is actually concave! My kids just want my butt in a bathing suit and my body IN THE POOL! They don’t care who’s around. They don’t care who’s going to see my thunder thighs. They don’t care that there’s a mom with a perfect body near by (and chances are that mom is totally insecure about something too!). They JUST WANT ME TO HAVE FUN WITH THEM AND ENJOY THIS LIFE I’VE BEEN BLESSED TO GET ANOTHER CHANCE AT!

I survived cancer, decided not to get reconstruction (even though I could have had insurance PAY for new rockin’ bewbs!) I gained 30 lbs from depression eating (no one warned me that the depression could be absolutely debilitating)… the only part of that statement that matters is “I SURVIVED CANCER”, and now it’s time to LIVE.

It’s summer time Mamas.. I don’t give a rat’s ass if you have a muffin top… no one else cares either! Go out with confidence and inspire another woman gain some confidence too! GO, AND HAVE FUN!!



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